The aim of BLUE BIRDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to nurture young minds and see them to grow into dynamic adults. To us, education means providing answers. It also means equipping our students so well that they find the answers for themselves for within themselves. Education empowers students to discover themselves.
The past years have also been a landmark in the field of education in India. Te education reforms initiated by the government of India have started new paths for us. These new paths will help us to become “THINKING SCHOOLS” with a shift from “KNOWLEDGE BASED” TO “SKILL BASED” education.

Each school has its unique character and well defined goals. The beautiful combination of strict discipline, academics sports and co curricular activities form the curriculum of BLUE BIRDS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. We work in mutual harmony to nurture the little buds that come to us and see them blossoming into beautiful flowers. We strive for high academic standards within a dynamic, interactive and culturally stimulating environment, focusing on the holistic development of the child. The child centric curriculum provides each child with an opportunity to find him through mental, physical, moral, social and aesthetical stimulation, the five key aspects to learning, which are defined as PANCHMUKHI SHIKSHA.
The parents and the school have to work in perfect harmony to develop a mutually beneficial relationship for the healthy growth of our children. I look forward to your cooperation and I assure you of my commitment to shape our future citizens.

Anjali Dubey